Saturday, August 30, 2008

Specific Recommendations on Dhaka Transport

Specific Recommendations on Dhaka Transport

Despite the fact that the STP model has a number of shortcomings, the study appears to be more or less successful in identifying the preferred mass transit option for long trips, that is, Strategy 1a: Roads+, ALL BRT, NO Metro. Strategy 1a represents a combination of moderate investment in roads and an intensive BRT system as the means for mass transit. The option requires only a fraction (42%) of the total amount of USD 4.52 billion required by the STP-preferred alternative. It also represents the best option considering economics, safety, social development, affordability and sustainability. The surplus resources could be better utilised for the development of a balanced multimodal transport system by providing due consideration to the following vital issues:

1. Adopt integrated demand and supply management for the development of a sustainable transport system for Dhaka City.

2. Adopt a sustainable and “Smart” land use policy, which prefers a concentrated and mixed-use land development and reduces need to travel.

3. Adopt a people-oriented transport policy aiming at maximising door-to-door mobility and accessibility of people and goods, not just movement of vehicles within road links.

4. Assess transport policy by considering key wider policy issues such as economy, environment, accessibility, safety and social equity.

5. Abandon car-friendly and capital-intensive transport policy and explore eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives.

6. Start a fresh study for the development of sound transport policy considering impacts of all transport users and providers, not just FDT.

7. Ensure fair representation of all stakeholders and transport professionals in the decision making and planning process.

8. Properly integrate the proposed BRT system with improved local transport, ensuring adequate and continuous FFT and pedestrian facilities.

9. Provide a continuous bicycle lane throughout Dhaka City.

10. Develop an integrated commuting surface rail services within the Greater Dhaka Metropolitan Area.

11. Reintroduce centrally located stations for bus services (intercity and local).

12. Retain the central railway station at Kamalapur, and revive the old rail stations and service lines at Furbaria and other parts of Dhaka city.

13. Develop an integrated waterway system for Dhaka City.

14. Develop a hierarchical transport model suited to the Greater Dhaka Metropolitan Area for evaluation of different land use and transport development options.

Syed Saiful Alam
Save the Environment Movement

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