Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let’s fight against the company’s colored water terrorism.

Bangshi River

This is ‍the story of an ‘exported’ river. People who have been living on the bank of this river for the last 30 years know all about it. They know how the river has been exported in the name of garment export to the European-American market. The exporters have not only exported the river, but they have also endangered the lives of the people whose livelihoods depend on this river. 

The picture shows the dumping of untreated water into the river by a famous garments factory that makes world famous branded garments. The factory claims that they are producing their garments in a 100 percent safe environment, and that they are cautious about both the environment and the safety of their workers. They keep saying this in all of their social events and conferences that take place in the big three star hotels, and they even state this on their website.

 However, these images prove how cautious they are about the environment, and that the reality is completely opposite to what they claim. ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) is a process that is designed for converting the industrial wastewater into an effluent that can be either reused or returned to the water cycle with minimal environmental issues, and this takes place only when the audit officer or buyer is present in the factory.

 Heavy rain still continues to fill up the river. However, that clear water of the river gets colored by the chemicals that are disposed from the factories. The huge water body gets colored by the wealth of a few rich individuals Amidst the chemical waste, the river is also carrying away the tears of thousands of people whose livelihood depends on it.

We export garments, but we obviously do not want to export our rivers, agriculture, land, water, livelihood and health in the name of garment export. Laws, rules, and policies from all over the world are in our favor. Come let's talk about this issue, and let’s fight against the company’s colored water terrorism.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

The river is being tortured now.

The Buriganga is biologically dead and the Sitalakhya is dying, “Had we protected the Sitalakhya, we could have got at least half of the city’s water from it.”